Our Business

01Rental & Hotel Management

Real estate leasing and lodging facility operation.

In addition to real estate leasing, we operate lodging facilities in locations optimal for sightseeing in Kyoto.

02Real Estatement

Purchase and sale of for-profit real estate.

We run a real estate company that handles for-profit real estate. We provide flexible service under the concept of being a comprehensive think tank relating to for-profit real estate in Kyoto.

Isshu Co., Ltd.

03Linen Supply
& Room Cleaning

Furniture, linen supply and room cleaning.

We provide bedding and linen supply services for hotels and other lodging facilities as well as a full range of cleaning and related services.

Mare Co., Ltd.

04Bar Lounge

Restaurant administration.

We operate the members-only BAR Chou Chou located in the flagstone townscape on the south side of Gionmachi in Higashiyama Ward.

ChouChou | Keizu Corporation.